Starting up together a different kind of business?

Enter the start up competition and leave with a solid business plan.

Are you starting up a democratically-controlled, sustainable business? Then you are most likely starting a co-operative. Let a panel of experts examine your business idea and win 5 days of professional advice to get your plans on the right track.


Who is it for?

Have you answered yes to all three questions? Then you are the ideal candidate for this start-up competition.

How does the competition work?

During this competition you will examine which form of company is best suited to your initiative. That form may be a co-operative company, but it doesn’t have to be. We will explore that together. Here are the steps:

  1. Complete this online registration form by 20 September.
  2. If your idea makes it onto the shortlist, and one of your team members understands Dutch sufficiently, they can take part in one of the start-up workshops on 27 September (Leuven) or 4 October (Brussels).
  3. Use the template provided here to set out your business idea and e-mail it by 9 November to

What can you win?
5 days of tailored coaching by our seasoned consultants to get your business off to a flying start.

Like every start-up, you need a feasible and affordable business plan. And it may well be that a co-operative is the right form of company for you. In that case, good, tailor-made articles of association are a must. And our consultants will advise you on that.

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